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Improve online advertising conversion

You are spending time and money driving traffic to your website through online advertising.Denver Digital 24/7 Live Chat

Do you want to increase the conversion of those visitors into sales leads?

Enabling live chat on your website dramatically improves conversion and delivers leads you can engage.


How It Works

Live chat is installed on your website by adding a small code snippet. Once enabled, website visitors are invited to engage with a trained live chat agent when they browse to your website. The agent uses a customized set of chat interactions to engage the visitor by asking and answer a few simple questions. We collect all this information along with the contact details allowing you to follow up with the lead.


How You Benefit

Live chat on your website benefits your business by improving the conversion of your website visitors. By proactively engaging with your visitors in a private chat session, you reduce the friction the visitor may experience in contacting your business.

AA live interaction provides immediate assistance to your web visitor. Giving visitors information about your product or service encourages them to provide their contact information for follow up, and facilitates a warm handoff to your business. The visitor can also be instantly connected to your representative on the phone.


Proven Results

Our customers realize an average of 40% increase in lead volume after enabling live chat. We provide all the details of every lead we deliver, including a full transcript of the chat interaction.

Why Live Chat?

  1. Just Get Leads, No Involvement Needed
  2. Fully Trained Chat ServiceAgents
  3. Highest Lead Quality
  4. Pay Only For Valid Leads
  5. 24×7 Monitoring and Lead Conversion