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March 2017
Digital Marketing
The relevance of your site will significantly impact your web ranking. Simply put, unmaintained sites are irrelevant. If you haven’t posted on your site for awhile it’s presence is going to degrade. Luckily, the experts, at Denver Digital, can help keep your site current, even if it hasn’t been updated in awhile, we are happy...
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Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a popular topic in the world of digital marketing. Online companies depend on SEO content to attract customers. SEO allows digital marketing experts to build your customer audience by focusing on organic, natural content, with the goal of improving your website’s search engine rankings. At Denver Digital, SEO is...
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Meta descriptions are at the foundation of all SEO content. Meta descriptions provide a summary of each page on your site. This is useful for Google, and potential customers, because it provides a clear idea of your page’s purpose. As of now, meta descriptions will not impact your SEO ranking with Google, but they will...
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In the world of SEO,  there are a number of different “terms” that apply to online marketing. Two phrases that are particularly common , “white hat”” and “black hat”. When someone refers to “white hat” SEO, they are referencing SEO methods that Google supports. For example, boosting your site ranking by improving web content quality....
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